Empowering start-ups since 2006

The objective of my work is to provide a low budget and extremely practical solution for anyone interested in starting a new project or a new business.

Fast and effective

5 to 10 training hours on average; each hour of class will require at least 1 or 2 extra hour of personal work that is focus on researching useful information and apply class content to your project ideas.
Practice will be done using the online services you will later need to work.

A goal oriented learning experience

If you have a project but you don’t really know where to start:
This is the commitment that will finally kick-start your activity!
Web-supportA good idea is the first basic step for a successful project but is only the beginning. Without an understanding of the market and a good strategy, the best intuition can lead to a huge loss of time, energy and money. The focus on my coaching is on tools and methodology that will empower your vision and your management skills.
ImmagineA good website needs to be able to tell the story of your activity engaging your audience in the content and leading them to the action you hope for. The difference between a professional solution and a random list of information online can be extremely relevant when you present you activity and, considering the time you will save, a small in price difference should not be a concern.
8657729066_318cf1b0fa_oUsing the social networks can be very useful and very efficient. only if you have a good strategy already planned and a system to verify how effective are you action online, in order to make decisions and take action. Without that, the real risk is to loose time in too many channels without any result or even damaging the image of your activity.
  • Getting the idea 10% 10%
  • Designing the project 20% 20%
  • Research & Strategy 30% 30%
  • Planning 40% 40%
  • Startup 80% 80%
  • Follow up and development 100% 100%

Get started

Training can started any time, it can be done in person or online trough video-conference (usually Skype or Hangout).  You will also get access to a private area where you can find all training material and you can have a direct contact with me and other professional.