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Balance Ball Yoga – 50 min

BBY is a training method developed by RSM international School: Balance Ball Yoga combines Western and Eastern philosophies of healing, the goal of the practice is to understand effective coordination and natural movement.

The training is a combination of yoga position with dynamic movement performed using a fitball, it is a fun and engaging activity that will develop core muscle fiber, improve posture and position as well as balance and concentration.

The practice of BBY is suitable for all ages and nearly all body condition and after 2/3 training session progress will be already perceivable.

BBY can be done one to one or in group. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT ME


Postural correction and motorial development – 90 minutes

This training is a 1 to 1 body work focus on preconception and body development: the session start with a short discussion about current body situation (pain, uncomfortable feeling, etc..) and set the goals for the work. Follows a body reading session where you will be invited to perform a series of exercise in order to understand your own body structure and functionality.

According to the results of the first part of the session we will decide where to start the work and to focus on first. exploring your own body movement is an exciting journey full of surprise and emotions.

This training is designed to give you all the tools to walk the path and get the best out of it. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT ME


Skills development/body playing – adults 60/120 min

This training focus on develop muscle structure and range of motion learning at the same time about body functionality and optimal performance. It is a combination of different techniques that is tailored according to participants level and goals. READ MORE….


Skills development/body playing – Kids 60/120 min

A Psychomotorial approach to body movement, three different courses that lead the kids to develop body power, coordination, determination and patience trough games and physical challenge. READ MORE…